Types of Counseling

Couple's Counseling/Family Therapy

Divorce Support/ Conflict Resolution

Personality Disorders

Adolescent Behavioral/Substance Abuse Issues

Trauma: Childhood Sexual Abuse or Assault, Adult Sexual Abuse or Assault

Fear, Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment

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Everyone experiences change throughout their life.  When change happens, our daily lives may become disrupted causing us to become stressed and feel emotional and/or physical pain. My practice is skilled in providing supportive techniques to cope, address, and adjust to any life change.

If you feel sad, confused, anxious, irritable or angry and you need support or  searching for a way to deal with a certain issue, it is OK to seek professional help to get you back on track.

We will provide a caring, non-judgmental, warm environment to help you become aware, reflective, and creative about your well-being.

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